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Digital Employability Skills – Bridging the Gap

Published: September 2, 2022 | 4 min read

Organisations are increasingly adapting to new ways of working when it comes to vocational qualifications and employability skills. The pandemic, the shift to flexible working models, and ongoing digital transformation are all contributory factors, and those who don’t adapt to digital and online training methods are at risk of falling behind.

In addition, the apprenticeship market in Scotland is gaining traction, meaning there’s an ever-increasing need for solutions capable of offering apprenticeship programmes and a broader range of qualifications online that meet compliance regulations, and are of sufficient quality to deliver value to their workforce.

The Digital Skills Gap

So, what are the areas that are most in demand for skills and qualifications? Unsurprisingly, digital skills are highly desirable, particularly due to the widening digital skills gap. Accelerated digital transformation during the pandemic has driven demand for IT and tech skills, and has also left non-IT qualified professionals struggling to cope with new digital tools.

A recent UK government survey highlighted this digital skills crisis, finding that there was a shortage of digitally skilled workers in over 14% of businesses in the digital, culture, media and sports (DCMS) sectors. It gets worse in the technology sector – a 2021 IET report estimates over 70% of UK engineering employers in the UK believe there’s a gap in their organisation with engineering or technical skills.  

Employability Support in Scotland

Employability support in Scotland is changing, with initiatives like No One Left Behind. This programme focuses on the role of people in both the design and delivery of employability services, with a partnership-based approach including partners from the third, private and public sectors.

These partners come together to form Local Employability Partnerships (LEP) within each local authority, working together to identify and provide local employability needs and provisions that meet local market demands. An important part of this is equipping young people for employment through training and hands-on experience.

As Roseanna Cunningham, the Cabinet Secretary for Fair Work, Skills & Training, points out in her foreword to ‘Developing the young workforce: Scotland’s youth employment strategy,’ a commitment to improving youth employment in Scotland has been ongoing for some time, and the government has already implemented a range of reforms across the education and skills systems.

The strategy is concerned with providing a work-relevant educational experience for young people, and promotes an understanding of the value of blending different types of learning, including vocational education. It’s also concerned with access to learning and the ethos that these opportunities should be available to all young people, regardless of barriers or background. 

This is where digital learning comes to the fore, offering flexibility, and allowing participants to complete work when they are most capable, and from a location of their choosing. Some people can also find engaging with others online easier than in a face-to-face setting, with less pressure from other students online, reducing the fear of failure or being judged.

Next Generation Portfolio Management

Our ePortfolio solutions are an innovative and cost-effective toolkit for assessors that promote engaged learning.

We create inclusive digital workbook programmes, helping individuals increase and improve their employability skills. In turn, this helps them to move into employment and succeed in their chosen career paths. 

Our solution is user-focused, tried and tested, and incredibly straightforward. Full training and support are also included from a dedicated Proof Positive Customer Success Executive.

Proof Positive can be used successfully for any competency-based awards in any sector, such as:

  • Vocational Qualifications
  • Foundation Apprenticeships
  • Professional Development Awards
  • Further and Higher Education Qualifications
  • Modern Apprenticeships
  • Custom in-House Qualifications

See examples of our services and solutions in action in our work with Street League and NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

To find out more about Proof Positive, get guest access to our Demo Zone or to simply chat to one of our expert team, email or pop over here to contact us.

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