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Empowering Education & Training with Innovative Technology: A Success Story

Published: January 30, 2024 | 3 min read

Empowering Education & Training with Innovative Technology: A Success Story

East Park, a registered charity and one of their candidates, Aimee-Jo explains how this was achieved


East Park, a dedicated charity serving children and young people with additional support needs in the Maryhill area of Glasgow since 1874, has always been committed to providing exceptional Education and Supported Accommodation services. Over the years, they’ve continually evolved to meet the needs of their community. One significant leap in this journey has been the transition to an online platform, which has revolutionized the way education and training are delivered and experienced at East Park.

The Challenge: Modernising Learning & Development

East Park’s Learning & Development Centre, initially established to meet the developmental needs of staff and regulatory requirements of the Scottish Social Services Council, faced the challenge of modernising its training and assessment methods. As the demand for their high-quality qualifications and courses expanded, they needed a solution that could streamline the process and offer a more dynamic and efficient approach to education and training.

Aimee-Jo’s Journey: A Testament to Progress

Aimee-Jo, a dedicated candidate at East Park currently completing her SVQ 3 in Children and Young People, exemplifies the remarkable impact of East Park’s transition to the online platform:

  • Confidence Boost: According to Aimee-Jo, the move to the online platform has been transformative. Seeing your progress percentage rise as you work provides a significant confidence boost, reassuring candidates that they are on the right path.
  • User-Friendly: The online platform’s user-friendly design has made it accessible for candidates of all backgrounds. Its intuitive interface allows learners like Aimee-Jo to easily track their progress.
  • Visual Feedback: The use of a traffic light system has proven invaluable. It offers a clear visual indicator of completed tasks and what still needs attention, empowering candidates to take control of their learning journey.
  • Empowering Progression: Aimee-Jo believes that candidates thrive online, as they are motivated to work when they see their percentages rise. Each piece of work contributes to their final progression, reinforcing the sense of achievement.
  • Personal Growth: Beyond the practical benefits, Aimee-Jo has observed a remarkable growth in candidates’ confidence as they progress. Even those who initially felt unsure have surprised themselves with what they can achieve.

The Impact: Navigating the Digital Era

East Park’s transition to an online portfolio system has brought several benefits:

  • Enhanced Confidence: Candidates, like Aimee-Jo, now approach their qualifications with increased confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Preventing Loss: The digital platform eliminates the risk of work getting lost or damaged, as often seen with paper portfolios.
  • Inspiration for Excellence: Aimee-Jo’s story is an inspiration to others, highlighting the potential for growth and success in the digital learning landscape.

Conclusion: A Future of Opportunity

East Park’s embrace of technology in education and training signifies a future filled with opportunities for candidates to excel and grow. The transition to an online platform is a testament to their commitment to delivering the best possible learning experiences.

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