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Inverness College Celebrates Success of Modern Apprentices in Professional Cookery

Published: March 7, 2024 | 2 min read

Inverness College proudly acknowledges the accomplishments of Modern Apprentices in Professional Cookery, including students like Robin Selkirk, Finn McLeod, Beth Smith and Calum Stewart. Through their dedication and hard work, they’ve completed their qualifications and are now poised for promising chefing opportunities.

Undergoing rigorous training at Inverness College, these apprentices have showcased proficiency in various culinary skills, such as cooking, preparing, and finishing dishes like sauces, desserts, and poultry. They’ve also demonstrated a deep understanding of nutritional standards and kitchen safety.

The success of these apprentices is a testament to the support and guidance provided by the college’s lecturers and assessors. With this foundation, they’re prepared to excel in their future careers as chefs, whether in fine dining establishments, hotels, or their own ventures.

Congratulations to Robin, Finn, Calum, Beth and all the Modern Apprentices in Professional Cookery at Inverness College for their outstanding achievements and bright culinary futures.

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Here Beth shares her story:

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