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Paving the Way for Success in Social Services and Healthcare with VSA

Published: April 18, 2024 | 2 min read


In the realm of Social Services and  Healthcare, Kerry Armitage stands out as a beacon of determination and excellence. Her journey towards achieving the Social Services and Healthcare Modern Apprenticeship SCQF Level 7 not only showcases her dedication but also exemplifies VSA’s commitment to upskilling and nurturing future leaders within its ranks.

Qualification Pursuit:

Undertaking a higher-level qualification than required for her SSSC Registration, Kerry’s decision to pursue the Level 7 qualification demonstrates her drive for personal and professional growth. As an employee of VSA, she is a shining example of the organization’s investment in developing talent and preparing individuals for leadership roles.

Next Steps and Career Aspirations:

Kerry’s sights are set on the future as she aspires to transition into a Team Leader role within Social Services and Healthcare. Armed with her Level 7 qualification, she is well-positioned to take on the responsibilities of a supervisory position, leveraging her newfound knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact in her career.

Career Impact and Recognition:

Already, Kerry’s commitment to her qualification journey has not gone unnoticed. Her active involvement in promotional activities for the SSSC Modern Apprentice programme and VSA’s social media campaigns highlights her dedication and passion for her field. As she nears completion of her qualification, Kerry is earmarked for advancement within VSA, a testament to the value of investing in continuous learning and development.

Boosting Confidence Through ePortfolio:

The use of ePortfolio and the structured approach of the qualification process have been instrumental in boosting Kerry’s confidence. Coming from a care-experienced background, Kerry initially struggled with self-assurance in her academic abilities. However, the clear progress indicators provided by the Proof Positive ePortfolio have allowed her to tangibly track her advancement, instilling newfound confidence in her capabilities. Her involvement in the SSSC video for Modern Apprentice week is a testament to her transformed self-assurance and belief in her skills.


Kerry Armitage’s journey encapsulates the essence of growth, determination, and resilience. Through her pursuit of excellence in the Social Services and Healthcare Modern Apprenticeship SCQF Level 7, she not only enhances her own prospects but also inspires others within VSA and the broader community. As she continues to carve her path towards leadership, Kerry serves as a shining example of the transformative power of education, mentorship, and unwavering determination.

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