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University of Strathclyde Celebrates Success of Campbell McLean during Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2024

Published: March 5, 2024 | 3 min read

Campbell McLean’s journey is a testament to the transformative impact of modern apprenticeships, as celebrated during Scottish Apprenticeship Week. Completing his Business and Administration qualification online, Campbell not only achieved academic success but also secured a job through practical demonstration of his skills and unwavering dedication.

His story highlights the vital role of institutions like the University of Strathclyde in providing support and resources for apprentices to thrive in a digital learning environment. By emphasizing real-world application alongside academic learning, the university equips students like Campbell with the tools to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Campbell’s proactive approach to learning and commitment to excellence were key factors in securing his job, emphasizing the importance of practical demonstration and dedication in the apprenticeship journey. As we celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week, let us draw inspiration from Campbell’s achievements and continue to foster a culture of learning and professional development for the workforce of tomorrow.

Susan Lynch, Programme Coordinator, University of Strathclyde commented: 

“We have been delighted to share in Campbell’s success.  His story is typical of the success enjoyed in apprenticeships delivered by Strathclyde.  We work closely with employers to ensure that the qualification is suited to their needs, which in turn allows apprentices to develop relevant skills and progress quickly within their role.  Using Proof Positive as an online platform allows apprentices the flexibility to work at their own pace, supported by regular feedback from their assessor.”

Apprentice: Campbell McLean, Business Administration shared this personal testimonial:

“Proof Positive allowed me the opportunity to be able to work at a rate which suited me whilst completing my qualification, understanding the balance of work which needed to be completed within my department. The bar which stated where I was expected to be in terms of completion was a useful tool which motivated me to continually stay ahead of the bar and gave me a desire to want to complete the work in as quick as time as possible, without the standard and quality of work deteriorating.

I believe the use of an online portal is the best feature in the modern day world where most of my evidence was produced via my computer, therefore it makes the most practical sense for the qualification to be conducted in this way. I found it easy to upload my evidence to Proof Positive and being able to align evidence with multiple criteria, as well as from different modules, at the same time was a really effective use of the system.

The training plan hub was a good tool which allowed my assessor to upload developmental ideas for the next module in order for me to have an understanding of what type of evidence would be required in order for me to fully complete each section of the qualification.”

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